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Good Fortune Is Their Reward
shaped in a slant of available light, luceo non uro, esse quam videri, looking through my window

New Zealand Post stamp issue celebrating Chinese Year of the Pig in 2007

I'm a metal pig.
It's actually fire pig this coming year, though.

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(Deleted comment)

all this and Julie Andrews too

Oh sure, but aren't benevolent dictators the best?

(Deleted comment)

that's right, beat on my fellow pigs...

> and really there's no dictators whose benevolence isn't doubtful
Oh sure but see ^re malevolence.

(btw: love the gnaag)

It is somewhat sad that Dictator has become so ingrained in our psyches as a bad word. Its origins were actually quite honorable. Looks like I have a new blog subject. :)

clear and concise action in a time of need

Looks like you do.

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