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win some, lose some
shaped in a slant of available light, luceo non uro, esse quam videri, looking through my window
There is absolutely no food in the house whatsoever, so I had to go buy some. I took the scenic route down there, and only discovered as I was walking back up the hill that my cardie had escaped from around my waist. 

I wearily retraced my steps back to the kebab shop, back past Blanket Man and the supermarket, around the park and down to the marina.  Still no cardie, but I did get talking to an older guy who was taking a break from working on his boat to admire a gaff coasting across the harbour.  I explained that I'd gone sailing for the very first time last weekend, and that I could now see why they did it.  He explained how much work was involved and how Wellington wind conditions could be challenging, but that it was all part of the life.  How could you not love it when Wellington was looking as beautiful as it was tonight?

I'm bummed about the cardie.  It was a good cardie.  But losing it didn't wreck my evening.  Maybe it was just its time to go.

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I like that... Something comforting in the balance in it...

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